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A Transverse rear exhaust, which was shaped in the form of a wing to help reduce rear axle lift, the rear exhaust is double skinned. Alternatives are made by Scorpion, BTB and Nouvalari.


Double-skinned and wing shaped, BTB have maintained the exact profile and specification of the original Aerofoil design.


Whilst many 3rd parties make rear exhausts for the Z1, one of the only companies to produce an end-to-end system in Stainless Steel is Nouvalari, with various design and audio options to choose from.

Exhaust Rubber

Support the exhaust assembly. Unscrew holder.

Pull holder out of rubber mount. Unscrew rubber mount.

Installation: Align retaining pins to be parallel to the rubber mounts.

Installation: Align tailpipe in the body opening by adjusting the holder.

Note: New rubber mounts will settle during operation of the car. Adjust the tailpipe higher.


325ix 6Branch Header + Nouvalari.


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