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Testing Requirements:Check / correct tire inflation pressure. Load down driver´s seat with a person weighing about 75 kg (165 lbs.). Fuel tank of car full or additional weight in trunk. Car parked on level floor or ground. Aimer aligned with car´s longitudinal axis and parallel to the contact surface and marking line set to distance e on the aimer (e.g. 12 cm (4.724”) / 10 meters (33 ft.)).


In the vertical adjustment the light/dark border of the low beam headlight must be aligned with the horizontal marked line of the aimer. In the lateral adjustment the inclined line below the central mark must begin on the horizontal marked line. The center point of high bearm headlights is adjusted on the central mark.


  • e = H - h = 12 cm (4.724”)
  • H = Height of headlight center above contact surface
  • h = Height of marked line above contact surface
  • + = Central mark = center point of headlight
  • M = Marked line
  • S = Contact surface between wheel/floor

Correcting: Unscrew clamp and lift out cover.

  1. = Lateral adjustment
  2. = Vertical adjustment

Note:High beam and low beam headlights can only be aimed together.

Headlight Removal

Lift out lamp cover.Remove splash guard.Loosen screws and lift out headlight assembly.

Note:There are 4 screws holding the lamp where indicated, however the 4th screw is directly under the unit, this can be removed by gently lifting the indicator and inserting a 10mm spanner, or by removing the undertray and using a 10mm socket.

Note:The picture shows screws without the headlight.

Unlock retainer and pull plug out of the holder in direction of the headlight.


Lift of lamp cover and remove splash guard. Loosen screws and lift out headlight assembly.

Press retainer (1) to the side and slide plug out of the holder. Compress retainers (2) and disconnect plug.

Open all clips and take off headlight cover. Installation: Check for correct seating of seal. Two different sizes of clips are used. Larger clips belong in position (1)

Unscrew screws and lift out lens.

Turn threaded sleeves 90°. Compress retainers and press out reflector forward. Pull off wires.

Unscrew screws for low beam lamp and lift out reflector.

Unscrew screws for high beam lamp and lift out reflector.

Headlight Bulb Clip

These tend to go AWOL and they are NLA from BMW.

Coincidentally Porsche make the same spring clip 000 043 204 28.

Side Light removal

Unscrew splash guard. Loosen screws, turn and pull off plug. Slide out turn signal forward.

Note: Headlight remains installed - picture shows turn signal without headlight for better understanding.

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