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Wiesmann Auto Sport manufactured about 500 tops in total, they came with brackets, wiring loom for rear heating, leather or suede trim, speaker upgrade and altered leather trim, original prices were DM 4,500 - 4,950 - 5,985 depending on options chosen.
Gives the Z1 its coupe like appearance, unlike the Z3 hardtop, it fits the profile of the car, but makes it much darker inside and increases the number of blind spots.
Interior Trim-
The original trim was remoulded around the brackets, so when buying check if both the brackets and trim are available as this will impact price. Although the Hardtop is no longer available, Weismann are reported to be selling the brackets at around 300.

Wind Deflector

A wind deflector comes into its own on cold windy or when you simply want some privacy. They come in either Glass, Perspex or black mesh type material. Whilst they all do the same job, it is recommended to go for the glass or perspex as no additional drilling is required, plus they look much nicer, more discreet, albeit more expensive.