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Whilst Modifications are seen positively in other parts of Europe such as Germany, the same cannot be said of the UK. With a relatively low turnover and a much smaller market, most UK owners are purists and tend to remain true to the original styling and design.
When the Z1 hit the shelves, a number of tuners took turns to breathe some life into the stock M20B25 engine such as ALPINA, HAMANN, AC SCHNITZER, HARTGE, LORENZ, WEISSMANN, GRIFFIN MOTORSPORT and BIRDS. A summary of the spec by these tuners is available on our ZIKI

The UK offering from Griffin, the only tuner to offer a RHD conversion. To the naked eye, it is of the standard and quality one would expect from BMW. A detailed report on the Griffin, taken from Straight Six Magazine can be found here: GRIFFIN RHD CONVERSION.

Listed below are some of the more common DIY modifications, many of which are still available, for more information, click one of the icons below