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EIBACH E2020-140

EIBACH E2020-140-
There were a few options available, but the EIBACH is a popular choice due to its progressive makeup, its gets stiffer the harder you drive, whilst being comfortable at cruise speeds. These lower the car by 3CM and give it a more aggressive stance.


KONI Dampers

KONI are one of the few suppliers that make dampers for the Z1.

The front dampers are part number: 8641-1021sport. These are adjustable from the top mount when fitted. Supplied with a plastic 'key' with which you can adjust the settings. The middle setting is firmer than standard, and a good base to start from.

The rear konis are: 80-2522sport, also adjustable. They are detached at the lower end, extended fully to remove the internal bump stop, then compressed fully. The body of the damper is then turned to adjust the setting. Once the correct setting is found, fully extend to replace the internal bump stop, and then re-fit. Once again, the middle setting is right for normal road, and occasional track use.

Konis can be obtained from Moseley Motorsport