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A faulty Oil Control valve located in the Oil filter housing is a relatively easy fix, either through a service or DIY. Parts are a small round Valve cover, rubber O-ring and clip, and only pair of long nose pliers required.

To access the area remove the under-tray, which is split into 2 large parts, front and back. the former conceals the engine bay area and the latter conceals most of the Gearbox, with a series of fixing points to the wheel well, axle, front lip spoiler and side panels.

The car must be jacked up and on stands, ideally with both wheels removed but not essential. The first step is to remove the Oil Cover securing clip with a small screwdriver, but watch out, as it is spring loaded and may dump oil over you.

Collect all the parts, wait for the oil to stop dripping, clean everything and reverse insert with new O-Ring using your long nosed pliers. Start engine and let it idle, it will leak if it is not sealed properly.