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The Roof-
The Z1 roof is made by Haartz and according to their website, it is" An acoustically enhanced three-ply composite made of acrylic twill weave outer fabric, a rubber inner layer and a polyester lining fabric". Exposure to sun means they fade. In this pictoral example the hood is in good condition but is in need of some attention, the water does not 'bead'. Before treating, read your restorer product instructions, and ensure you protect the paintwork and interior from excess spray or paint, in this instance an old duvet cover was used.
Lightly brush the hood, hoover if necessary with a brush type attachment, then wipe clean with a soft damp towel. In this instance Renovo products are used, as sprays have a tendency to go places you don't want. Pour the restorer into a container and apply with a fine brush. RENOVO RESTORER
Regular opening and closing of the roof, causes the 'elbow' to wear. The section above the door button that folds in half before stowing away. It wears from the underside and works its way outwards, resulting in fraying of the fabric. A preventative step is to glue a "canvas patch" on the underside. If the damage has already started, although unsightly, it will take some time to wear through and leak.
The rear screen if exposed to the elements for sustained periods will mould around the edges, the rear screen will cloud over. During extended storage periods always store with roof closed and taut, the rear screen can be polished using the BMW toothpaste plastic screen cleaner. DO NOT USE A CLEANER THAT CONTAINS AMMONIA, IT WILL TURN THE SCREEN YELLOW